FUSION BOUZION Infusion Recipes

Strawberry Mango Paloma        Old Fashioned

Strawberry Mango Paloma-Tequila/Vodka      

1.5 ounces infused Tequila or Vodka, 2-3 ounces of Grapefruit or Orange Juice. Top with sparkling water or club soda for fizz! Shake and serve in your favorite cocktail glasses. 

*Add 1-2 ounces of Prosecco in addition to your juice and infused spirits for a variation of a French 75 or Mimosa. 

Moscow Mule-Vodka/Whiskey

1.5 ounces infused Vodka or Whiskey, 3-4 ounces Ginger Beer or your choice of Pop. Garnish with a lime wedge.                

Old Fashion-Whiskey/Bourbon                  

1.5-3 ounces infused Whiskey or Bourbon on one large ice cube, add bitters if desired. Garnish with an orange wedge.

Mango Orange Lime        Strawberry Hibiscus Lime

Mango Orange Lime-Tequila Margarita

2 ounces infused Tequila, 1 ounce lime juice, 1 ounce orange liquor and a 1 tsp of agave syrup. Use lime to coat the rim of glass and dip in salt.

Strawberry Hibiscus Lime-Vodka Martini       

3+ ounces infused Vodka into a Martini Glass. *Optional add a 1-1.5 ounces of lime or hibiscus flavored sparkling water. Garnish with a lime wedge.

 Espresso Martini

2+ ounces infused Vodka into a cocktail shaker. Add 2-4 ounces of milk, milk alternative or cream-based liquor. Shake and serve in a Martini Glass. Sprinkle cocoa powder for garnish. 

Espresso Martini

Zero-Proof-Sparkling Water, Juice & Tea

Jars can be infused by boiling 12 ounces of water. Add directly to the jar. Infuse 1-3 days. Add 1.5-2 oz to 8 oz of sparkling water, juice or tea.


Each Fusion Bouzion jar can be infused twice! Strain the jar into a cocktail shaker or glass. Simply refill the jar and repeat the same process of infusion for 1-3 days.  If desired add a few teaspoons of sugar for added sweetness. The second infusion should take place within a 7 day period of the first infusion. 6-8 drinks per jar is based on 1.5 ounces infused spirits in each drink.